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everlytrue: Gisele Bundchen by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar May 1999 gisele bundchen

“Maria Callas”. Gisele Bündchen photographed by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar, May 199933Callas, María

Gisele Bundchen par Terry Richardson dans l'éditorial Maria Callas en 1999 la vraie Maria Callas .

Natalia Vodianova photographed by Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris April 2003[vogue-paris-april2003-2%255B6%255D.jpg]


Natalia Vodianova par Terry Richardson

Edita Vilkeviciciuteuntitled-24

Raquel Zimmermann Without Makeup


Mannequins sans fards par Scott Trindle

Dree Hemingway & Mariel Hemingway Long ago, as a young boy, i discovered and crushed on (as many of us did) Mariel Hemingway in Woody Allen’s film, Manhattan which is my all time favorite of Woody’s films to date… about 2 years ago I met and befriended this young woman named Dree and felt all those same feelings… Now Dree has blossomed into quite the rising star in the fashion industry (like mom) with editorial spanning from V mag- French Vogue and now the recent Valentino campaign shot by Mert & Marcus. Congrats Dree!! I don’t doubt it that Dree will eventually take to the “big screen” as well (no pressure Dree ;) … Despite the apple not falling far from the tree.. Dree is certainly her own woman with her distinct appeal and personality. These Images i took of Dree and her Mother, Mariel (who is as stunning as ever) were taken when i was coincidentally working on a project with Mariel. Dree stopped by the studio to say “hi”.. For the fun of it.. we decided to snap off some of “My Black Hat” shots and the most adorable mom/daughter portraits i think i have ever taken… check out this rare gallery of Dree & Mariel Hemingway

Dree et Mariel Hemingway (petite fille d'Ernest Hemingway)


Iggy Pop a sorti un album intitulé Après .Et il y comporte plusieurs reprises de classiques français comme Syracuse ,La Javanaise ou Les Passantes / Les photos de Tin Ojeda / Sinon dernièrement j'écoute un peu de chanson française (Ô exploit miraculeux !) dont Lescop ,Aline et Granville / Run boy run - Woodkid / Love potion - The Coasters / Modern skirts - Rebecca Saint Claire

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Des filles comme nous finalement que tous ces tops sans make up!!!♥
J'avais adoré ♥ Margaux Hemingway dans Lipstick :