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"Peter and I spent the whole night in a hotel room and we were getting drunk. And Peter was talking about how he didn’t want to go to rehab to get an implant and the sadistic bastard that he is- there was two thirds of a bottle of tequila left, it was quite a big bottle- he said if you drink all that tequila I swear on everyone’s life that I’ll get the implant. So I downed it and vomited pretty much constantly from about 6 in the morning to including on stage at the gig. I woke up the next morning in a star shape on the bed with Peter asleep on me in a star shape to, his body totally covering mine, his head on my head. I woke up the next morning totally discombobulated. I couldn’t move, I had to push him off I was like ‘ahhh what are you doing?’ and he said “I was just keeping you warm." - Drew McConnell


Mouahahaha !J'ai toujours dit qu'il y avait anguille sous le caillou avec Doherty .


"Dis ,mais quand reviendras-tu ?Dis au moins le sais-tu ,que tout le temps qui passe ne se rattrape guère ,que tout le temps perdu ne se rattrape ,ne se rattrape ,ne se rattrape plus ... ?"

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très touchant.